Cheeky Bunny

Cheeky Bunny

Bunnies are very curious animals, especially my two (Malfy and Illy). If they are told not to go behind the curtain, they will wonder what is so interesting behind the curtain. If they are told not to jump on the table, they will wonder what kind of fun they are missing out on if they don’t jump on the table.

I get the sense they find it funny when they know they are not allowed to be doing something. I get this sense because when I say ‘no’ they will run off and binky around the room! I caught Illy on top of our puzzle board, sure enough our completed border was no longer complete as she jumped back on the floor. There is of course, no sense in getting mad- She is just a curious bunny and she means no harm, we love her really!

Do you have any pets that love to be cheeky? Tell me about them!

Bonding Illy and Tina

Bonding Bunnies

At first Illy was not interested. Tina would try to get her attention by forcing her face close to hers.

Bonding Bunnies

Soon enough Illy starting licking Tina who was overwhelmed at having her first licks!

Bonding Bunnies

“I just got my first licks. I can’t believe it!”

Bonding Bunnies

Happy New Year! One of our resolutions has been to bond Illy and Tina, we would love Tina to have a bunny-friend during floor time and Illy is much more patient than Malfy. There were some fights, mostly from Illy showing who’s boss, however eventually, Illy started grooming Tina.

We will now be letting Illy play with Tina every now and then :). How have your experiences been with bonding your pets? Was it more difficult than you expected?

Illy sleeping- Do not Disturb.

Bunny sleeping Bunny sleeping Bunny sleeping Bunny sleeping Bunny sleeping

When Illy is trying to sleep, she couldn’t careless what you are doing. As long as you do not touch her, she will continue to pretend she hasn’t seen me. Malfy on the other hand, will usually greet me and check up on what I am doing. What are your pets like? Do they greet or ignore you? Happy New Year!


Gangster Dogs

Gangster Dogs Gangsta Dogs


I had such fun painting these dogs as gangsters. I was given a photograph of each individual dog and I used them to create a trio portrait. Their names are Darby, Lil Phatty and Deedle G.- How cool! Remember, if you are interested in a painting of your pet(s) with accessories to show off their personalities, check out my shop!